Software Terms of Use

Shellware Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter the "Company") has established the following Terms of Use in providing RankSonar.
Users are required to agree to these Terms of Use to use RankSonar.
Users are deemed to have agreed to these Terms at the time they start using RankSonar.

This translation is provided only for the convenience of users.
Please note that users legally consent to the contents of the original in English.
For the original, please refer to the following page.
Software Terms of Use

1. Use of Software

The Company grants users a license to use RankSonar.
The right to use RankSonar under this license is nonexclusive and nontransferable for profit.
Notwithstanding this license, the ownership of RankSonar belongs to the Company.

User Support

  • The Company will provide support through the inquiry form on the official site.
    The Company does not accept a request for support by telephone or email.

Operation Guarantee

  • Although the Company will take action on specification changes of search engines and defects of RankSonar as soon as possible, the Company may not guarantee permanent and proper operation of RankSonar.
  • The Company may add, change, or discontinue functions as necessary.
    The Company may not guarantee that a specific function continues to operate into the future under the current specifications.
  • There may be a difference between the search ranking obtained by RankSonar and the one actually obtained through a browser due to factors such as different timing to access the search engine.
  • The Company provides no express or implied guarantees not contained in these Terms.

Prohibited Matters

  • The Company prohibits analysis or falsification of the program, operation, communication, data files, etc. of RankSonar.
  • The Company prohibits development, provision or use of programs to view or process the ranking data obtained by RankSonar.
  • The Company prohibits receipt of money or other consideration in exchange for providing to third parties data such as search ranking obtained by using RankSonar or tables, graphs, etc. prepared by processing such data.
  • The Company prohibits the use of RankSonar by individuals, corporations and their relevant parties that provide or develop search rank checker tools, search ranking reporting services, or tools for SEO/access analysis/marketing support, etc. with a function to check ranking.
  • The Company prohibits the use of the app by minors.
    However, this shall not apply if permission is granted by their parents.

Other Notes, Disclaimer, etc.

  • Please agree to the Company's privacy policy before use.
    For the privacy policy, please refer to the relevant page on the official site.
  • The Company expressly excludes implied guarantees of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  • The Company assumes no liability for any damages caused by RankSonar.
    Even if the Company is obliged to pay damages, the amount of damages is limited to the amount equivalent to the annual charge for use of RankSonar in any circumstances.
  • Regulations on ranking check by tools are established in the terms of use of search engines.
    The Company is irrelevant to, and not responsible at all for, any violation of the terms of use of search engines by RankSonar users.
    Please confirm the terms of use of search engines and use RankSonar on your own responsibility.
  • Excessive access to search engines may lead to a temporary block of access to search engines.
    The block is automatically released after a lapse of certain time in normal cases.

Jurisdiction and Change to Terms

  • Any and all disputes on these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the Shizuoka Summary Court or the Shizuoka District Court shall be the exclusive competent court for the first instance.
    However, if the venue for an action against a user lies in the country where a guarantee of reciprocity (Article 4 of the Code of Civil Procedure) is not in place for execution of a judicial decision, the dispute shall be governed by the laws of such country and settled by a court of the defendant's country.
  • These Software Terms of Use may be changed from time to time.
    Any changes to these Terms will be notified on the top page of the official site at least one week before the changes become effective.
    The changed Software Terms of Use shall also apply to existing users on and after the effective date.

2. Use of Paid License

To use a paid license, the user shall pay to the Company a monthly charge per license as separately specified.

Limitation of Number of License Users

  • One license is needed for one PC (one Windows user account).
    A license is needed for each Windows user account for use with multiple PCs or with multiple Windows user accounts on one PC.

License Period and Renewal

  • The license period of the paid license is one month from the time when the license key is issued.
    It is automatically renewed every month by using automatic payment by PayPal.

Transfer of License Key to Another PC

  • The license key can be reused on another PC in the case of PC replacement by purchase, etc.
    There is no limit on the number of times users can transfer the license key to another PC.
    However, there is a limit on the number of times users can return the license key to the original PC (the original Windows user account), which is up to five times.

Cancellation of License Agreement

  • To cancel the license agreement, please log in PayPal and cancel the automatic payment.
  • After canceling the automatic payment on PayPal, you can use RankSonar until the current license expires.
  • Any change in the type of license, revocation of agreement, or refund will not be possible after completion of payment by PayPal.
    Please make sure to perform an operation check under Free License before making payment.
  • No refund will be made even if RankSonar cannot operate properly due to future specification changes of search engines.
  • All the issued licenses will be invalidated in the case of violation of these Terms of Use.
    No refund will be made in the case of invalidation.
  • The Company has the right to cancel this license agreement at any time for whatever reason.
    If the Company cancels the license agreement, the Company will return the amount of money equivalent to the monthly charge for use.
    The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred by a user or a third party resulting therefrom.
    Even if the Company is obliged to pay damages, the amount of damages is limited to the amount equivalent to the annual charge for use of RankSonar in any circumstances.

Other Notes

  • The Company will not reissue the license key.
    However, the issued license key may be confirmed on a browser only if conditions are satisfied.
  • Data may not be viewed if the license is invalidated.
  • Users may transfer the license to a third party only if it is free.
    The new user will still need to agree to the Software Terms of Use in such a case.